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Aalborg Mountainbike Marathon

With its 3.000 participants, the Aalborg MTB Marathon can be considered as the largest mountainbike race in Denmark.

The different courses will lead you through the magnificent Aalborg county and natural reserves such as Mølleparken, Drastrup, Poulstrup, Lundby Krat, Kongshøj, Golfparken and Østerådalen. The start and finish lie in Nordkraft, which is the epicentre of the MTB Marathon.

Edition 2016 :
The 4th edition takes place on Saturday, April 30 2016.

Courses :

103 km - Marathon
Description :
After the start in Nordkraft, the mountainbikers are going westbound. From Mølholm and Restrup Enge on, they continue on single track graveled paths. After a relatively flat 20 km you'll continue in the hills of Sønderholm, with an alternation of large paths, gravel roads, and hilly single track paths in the woods of Drastrup, Poulstrup, Kongshøj, Lundby and Golf Parken.
After Golf Parken you'll return to the city, across a hilly course towards the finish in the port near Nordkraft.
The course counts about 1.000 altimeters.
After about 60 km, you'll arrive at the same course of the Medium route. Be aware that these bikers might have a lesser cycling condition.

Four supplies :
- Sønderholm at 30 km
- Løbeshop at 55 km (Svenstrup) - the course closes at 3PM.
- 75 km
- Lund Farms at 86 km

54 km - Medium
Description :
You have different start times. After a flat piece through the centre of Vestby, you'll have to face a steep hill towards the Aalborg Tower. The route continues along Skovdalen, Mølleparken and Østerådalen. After about 15 km, the course comes together with the Marathon route and continues througt Poulstrup, Kongshøj, Lundby, Golf Park and Signal hills, in the direction of the port . There are about 600 altimeters.

Two supplies :
- 25 km
- Lund Farms at 36 km

31 km - Short
Description :
The 31 km is joining the 55 and 100 km route at the height of Gug School.
There are about 350 altimeters.

Ons supply :
- Baltic Adal at 14 km

At each supply, you can get water and bananas. The 103km course  provides with technical assistance at 55 and 75km, as well as extensive catering including energy drinks and cake.
Once arrived, each participant gets a light meal.
The course closes at 7PM..

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