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Catena : Italian for Chain / "(A length of) rings usually made of metal which are connected together and used for fastening, pulling, supporting." (Cambridge Dictionary)
Catena Cycling: a Worldwide Chain of Cycling Enthusiasts

Catena wants to be a website where cyclists and cycling enthousiasts find a format to share nice cycling related content. Stories, pictures and videos on the site are written and posted by the Catena members.


Here you'll find all the routes created and posted by members. You can select on location, type of bike (race bike yes/no), on signposted /numbered junctions (yes/no) and length of the route.

You can create or add your cycling route on catena yourself.

If you add a route, you can choose between :

adding the route only at your profile (because f.i. you want to ride it later)

sharing the route with everybody, because you think it's a nice route for everybody

Then, you can add the necessary information f.i. "is this route signposted" or is it part of the "network of numbered junctions". Via the OCM-button (Open Cycle Maps) on the right top of the map, the user can compose a route based on the selected numbers. Or f.i. Is the route race-bike friendly ? You can also add a picture of the signage and objective information about the route. eg. "This route follows the banks of the Scheldt ..."

You can download each route on catena in a GPX file and transfer it to your GPS-device.


On Catena you'll find information on more than 10.000 climbs from all over the world. The Mont Ventoux, Alpe d'Huez, the Galibier, Koppenberg, etc...

Everybody can add comments, experiences, pictures or videos to these climbs.








Are you organising a nice cycling event which doesn't figure yet on our calendar? Then, you can add it easily so everybody can read about it in a snap.

At each event, you can add pictures, videos and comments.






Clubs :

Do you often cycle with friends or colleagues, are you member of a cycling club, ... : then, create your own club-pages on the Catena site. It's for free !

You can create your profile page, see the activities of other members, can make appointments or send brief messages on the wall (which is only consultable for members). You can post pictures, videos and stories.

Club members are ranged according to the distance in km they cycled per month, so you also have the competition spirit.

You can also put your sponsor's logo on the site.


Cyclopedia :

All the member's stories are ranged per subject in the Cyclopedia.

Admins structurize the content of the Cyclopedia. Everybody can add comments, pictures, videos and comments to these articles.






My Catena :

Here, you'll find an overview of you own and other members' (the members you follow) activities. 

Your profile, your pictures, videos, blogposts etc ...


about us ?

Mountain bikers? Cycling lovers? Recreational cyclists? Passionates about cycling? Long distance cyclists? Yes, we are !

We just like to cycle, since we were kids ... We met each other on our path and decided to create


Wearing nice red boots, together with my little brother, cycling at my grandparents' floristry. Dreaming we were Eddy Merckx ...

Palmares i.a. the Mont Ventoux. The Grand Raid, but taken out of the race. Cycled on his own from Ghent (BE) to naar Santiago de Compostela (ES) (see routes bernardNL). And participates on a regular basis at organized tours both on muddy trails and on tarmac. And thus, questions himself now an then "what 's the fun about cycling with your bicycle across slippery cobblestones"?

Loves to cycle together with his wife and son (4 years) through the beautiful Flemish landscapes, and much further than this.

Loves to be in the kitchen now and then, mostly to taste, and sometimes to cook, loves to eat (sometimes too much) and appreciates a local beer (or more than one) after cycling.



Data Nerd (and comes out for it ...). Also kicks on the fact that he was the first Westerner to climb the highest mountain in Thailand on a folding bike.

His palmares i.a. : Grand Raid Cristalp (MTB) - and yes, he finsished it ! -, Canada "coast to coast" (touring bike), Zillerthal Radmarathon (MTB), Northern-Thailand (Brompton). And in 2013 hopefullly the Styrkeprøven (Trondheim-Oslo).

Hobby's, according to his cv: cooking (and eating) (eating a lot) (oh, eating really too much!)




When he was a boy (in the seventies) multiple winner of the Tour and winner of some famous climb time trials such as the famous Blakenberg (with an elevation of 11 m).
Nowadays, he still likes to climb, but yet less smoothly than in his days of glory. Has climbed i.a. the Mont Ventoux (5x), Crêt de Chatillon and Alpe d'Huez.
Still dreams of climbing all the other mountains ik the Alps, the Dolomites and the Pyrenees, but meanwhile you can find him occasionally in the Flemish Ardennes where he gets inspiration for his paintings.

Still a fan of ... Lucien Van Impe.

The Koppenberg: rather paint it than climb it.

Catena : the one stop cycling community

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