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Plan your ride / Put a route on Catena

Plan your ride = draw a nice ride on the map, with or without using the network of numbered junctions and save it on the Catena Cycling site in preparation for your cycling trip.
Put a route on Catena = if you want to share a nice ride with others (e.g. a touristic route in your neighborhood, or a nice trip you have done before). You can save it on Catena by drawing it, or by uploading it as a gps-file. You can also write down some nice details about it. Other cyclists will be able to find this route by means of our easy search engine.

how to plan your ride ?

1. give your ride a name

2. go to the full screen on the map and open the tab OCM (Open Cycle Maps) at the right top, if you want to use the cycling network of numbered junctions

At the left top, you'll see the distance of the route you are drawing.

You'll also find nice bike friendly stops and stay-overs on the map.

Remark : Sometimes, it won't be possible to draw a part of the route, e.g. because a tunnel is not indicated on the map, or because it's a one-way route, but with access in both directions for cyclists ... This can be intercepted by clicking "snap to roads" at the left top.

By clicking "undo", you'll remove the last drawn way, by clicking "reset", you'll delete the entire route (so, be careful !)

3. return to the small screen and save.

you want to ride a specific route ?

You can note the list of numbered junctions on a piece of paper, or on the handy leaflets that are availeble at the cycle store, and which can be printed here. Once this is done, you can ride the route you had planned.

Catena Cycling developed a handy leaflet, water proof and very easy to attach to your handlebar (similar to a label that can be fixed around the handle of your suitcase). These can be obtained at a certain amount of cycling events and at different bike stores. If you want to buy them, just send a mail to Cost : 20 € for 200 pieces.

You can also print them at real size by clicking on the document beneath :

You can also download a route (GPX-file) by clicking on the link under the route's elevation profile, and save it on your GPS device.

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