Malargüe – Mendoza : pedaling the bottle in the hand ?

door Les Coqs en Selle op dinsdag 4 augustus 2015 09:53

465 km / 3 ½ days.

Viticulture land by definition, the Mendoza region produces more than 60 % of Argentine wine by volume and about 80 % in value. The rest is an important part from the Salta region located further north, whhichh we ‘ll make sure to visit on time ! Yep ! The majority of vineyards are located south of the city, we naturally crossed a large number on the road arriving .

But pick up the thread of the story where we left off : Malargüe . After the rest we took at the municipal campsite we hit the road with some trepidation about the winds we would encounter . In the right direction ? Strong? Changing ? All doubts and all hopes were allowed since during our days of rest, from the comfort of benches in the city, we watched windy phases in different directions leaving us skeptical . It was well run and if the first 50 km were a formality, the changing orientation of the road offered us some of the most incomprehensible of our growing experience of driving times. Approximately 65km after Malargüe, we stop for lunch hoping the wind, facing the moment changes. It was so sudden , prompting us to eat our banana on the saddle , and allowing us to cover 40 km in a one hour flight – glide rolling before turning once again to 180 ° and confront us this time to a windy wall forcing us to stop again. This new pause then made into a micro-estancia where we practiced our Spanish with a gaucho Greg could almost understand , for I think I stopped trying about a minute after his first words . Still, that should change even capricious day to give us an evening wind in our favor and thus ensure that Greg’s counter (mine is awaiting repair ) displayed 140km when we unfold the tent! We tend to beat our record in atypical days … it continues! (read more)


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