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distance 14.4 km
hauteur de départ 154 m
hauteur finale 1093 m
point culminant 1093 m
dénivelé 939 m
distance de montée 14.4 km
pourcentage moyen d'ascension 6.5 %
pourcentage max. d'ascension 6.5 %

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Le Foza a une longueur de 14.4 km, dont le point le plus élevé est à 1093 m. La partie en montée a une longueur de 14.4 km. Le pourcentage moyen du Foza est de 6.5%.

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point de départ Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 22, 36020 Valstagna Province de Vicence, Italie
point d'arrivée Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 22, 36020 Valstagna Province de Vicence, Italie

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  1. 01h 11m 34s par benemaxmsi le 26.6.2011

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benemaxmsi (anglais)

This is one of our local climbs and a favorite of many of our guests, not really surprising as it is a beautiful scenic climb as well as being a gateway to the Asiago Plateau. The climb is our 'Alpe d'Huez' being 14km long with 20 hairpin turns and an avg of 6.5% and a max of 15% Beginning in the picturesque village of Valstagna the climb begins immediately and winds up the sheer valley walls giving great views of the valley below and the valley opposite. The hairpin turns come thick and fast adding to the experience. Should you need it there is a great little Osteria at turn 17, the Piangrande, where you can stop for water , coffee or panini. But we usually crack on, normally trying to better previous times. At T20, the final turn the road ramps up and briefly hits 15% before flattening out. However from T20 there is still a 3km 'drag' up to Foza. Finally reaching Foza you can stop, take photo's, admire the scenery and congratulate yourself on conquering a great climb before deciding which way to go to explore the Asiago Altipiano. We usually head right for a stunning ride to Enego before a big descent back to the Valley floor. Fantastic!!

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