First encounter with the mythic "Tierra del Fuego"

par Les Coqs en Selle le lundi 1 juin 2015 12:17

The Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire), in the Patagonia region is in fact the name of the island which sits at the very bottom of the American Continent. We first saw this mythic land of promises when our plane was in its phase of approach of Ushuaia. And what a moment : wonderful lakes in between mountains covered in snow ! It blew our mind… and even more when we realized that was the way to go by bike !

Ushuaia’s airport looks like a giant wooden sky house. And once we got out of it the scenery was pretty magical for the two « Roosters » to be : only one road from the airport to the city, a beautiful sea on one side of town, mountains everywhere else, houses solidified by metal parts to help them go through the rough climate, a harbour where some ships nearly fall to pieces, and the city itself which seems to be attached to the flank of the mountain.

That is the moment when our bikes, so impatient to get out of their boxes came into action. Once we managed to assemble them correctly, it was time for our first ride on South America’s ground! The unusual weight and the wind didn’t help but our pleasure was undeniable!

Our first week in Ushuaia saw us going for two small expeditions: the Martial glaciar and the National park of Tierra del Fuego. The latter impressed us more with its great landscapes, curious foxes and the national route #3 which ends there. That’s right the end of the road was of touristic interest because it is precisely this route that we would cycle for several days ahead!

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