How To Make Your Mountain Biking Trip Better

par b.dzhingarov le jeudi 1 mars 2018 09:31

Mountain biking needs to be fast and thrilling but this is not possible if you do not properly prepare before the trip starts. No matter the goals you have, making the biking trip better is all about some simple things you should keep in the back of your mind. Make sure you always prepare so you can have those perfect memories, pictures and videos.

Never Skip On Bike Maintenance

Trail focus is always low if you need to listen to noises coming from the bike. Every single mountain biking enthusiast understands that maintenance is necessary and the great thing about it is that you do not need more than just some basic tasks that take some minutes. Although it is possible that the bike cannot be fixed by you, at least you know that you have to take it to a professional. Check your bike constantly and see if there are parts that are broken, not properly working, cracked or worn out. If minor problems appear, solve them before your trip.

Ride With Really Good Riders

Your friends are not just for clubbing or having fun. They can also go with you on biking rides, even in Ibiza while on vacation. The problem in many cases is that people rarely think about how good the other bikers are. The best thing you can do is to find some people that are better since this pushes you and you can get more knowledge from those that are more experienced.

Focus On The Destination

As you are riding the mountain trail you should keep your eyes focused on where you are going. This is especially the case when the trails feature numerous rocks and roots. If your sight is focused on what you are actively trying to avoid there is a big possibility you will actually hit the obstacle. Focus on line you are to take for a better riding experience. This focus is known in the mountain biking world as target fixation. It is something that does work and all professionals can guarantee it.

Relax Before And During The Trip

Bikers often joke that the very best suspension for a bike is the leg and arm of the rider. This is important as most mountain bikers focus on relaxing before the trip but will be really rigid during it. You need to relax and allow your legs and arms to absorb ruts and bumps. After you manage to control the bike and just let it flow as you ride, obstacles become so much easier to pass.

It should be mentioned that it is a very good idea to relax the handlebar grip. You hang on with firmness but without the grip being really tight. Death grips make your hands and forearms feel too much fatigue. Controlling the bike becomes much more difficult in a shorter time frame. You do not want this to happen.

Always plan the route and be as prepared as possible so you are confident as you are on the mountain trail. While obstacles cannot be predicted, knowing the route sure helps with confidence and relaxation.

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