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  Passo Dello Stelvio 27.06 km 2140 m
  Passo dello Stelvio 24.8 km 1821 m
  Passo dello Stelvio (Prato) 24.74 km 1851 m
  Stelvio 27.03 km 1915 m
  Stelvio and Umbrail Pass 70.22 km 11486 m
  Stelvio, Umbrail and Reschen Passes 106.77 km 2778 m
  Sulden/Solda from Gomagio 16.63 km 1079 m
  Stilfser Joch Umbrailpass 55.72 km 1874 m
  prad- katharinaberg 97.94 km 2662 m
  prato allo stelvio 143.68 km 2490 m

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