Mont Ventoux (Bédoin)

By Bernard.V


  •   Suited for road bikes

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distance 22.7 km
start height 290 m
end height 1912 m
highest point 1912 m
ascent 1622 m
distance uphill 22.7 km
average ascent percentage 7.1 %
maximum ascent percentage 11.0 %

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The Mont Ventoux can be seen almost from everywhere in Provence. Its isolated position gives it a gigantic and dominating feature. In all directions youll have no higher peaks in the neighbourhood of the Mont Ventoux. The name Mont Ventoux means windy mountain, and some bikers will know why. One of the thoughest cols to do in France... Lets start... in the center of Bédoin that is. You will see quite a lot of cycling movement there from spring till September. Most of them will take the D19, keeping the mountain to their left. Its warming up for what comes, so keep your breath and enjoy the vineyard. After 2 km, take the road to the left towards Les Baux and Sainte Colombe. Passing those two villages, the climb gets slightly more steep. Youre passing Les Bruns while the road keeps to the right of the mountain, until you reach St Estève and its famous bend which used to be even a lot steeper than it is now. But yes, youre on the Ventoux now and you will know you are for the rest of the climb. The Mont Ventoux does not give you any rest until you reach the Chalet Renard. The climb never goes under 8% and there are long strokes of 10%+. Until you reach the chalet, where the climb gives you the opportunity to get some breath, or maybe even more if you opt for a little rest at the Chalets terrace. Shame on you, cause we go further up, while its not even 7%... Not for too long, cause the climb gets harder again while reaching the top. You may consider yourself lucky if there is no wind trying to blow you from your saddle. Try to enjoy the view on the Provence to your left while going in and out of the mountain amidst a lunar - lunatic? - landscape. Take the last hairpin to the right at 10%+ and youre there. Congratulations!

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start point 42 Rue Portail Olivier, 84410 Bédoin, France
end point D974, 84410 Bédoin, France
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edogillissen (English)

Easily the most impressive and demanding climb I've ever done. And easily worth the 1000km car ride just to get to Bédoin. For a cyclist who enjoys climbing, this is a must.

Be prepared though, and be patient. The climb takes a few hours, so you simply have to climb this mountain with your head, and not with your heart. If you burn up anywhere before the Chalet, you're in for a tough ride to the top.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

10 years ago - Inappropriate

stevenherrick (English)

A wonderful climb, worthy of it's status as an iconic ascent in the Tour de France. In three sections, the first four kms is quite easy. Relax and save yourself for what's to come. The forest section is unrelenting, but it does allow you to get into a rhythm before the final section after the Chalet. If the weather is benign, this section can be fun and quite easy. If the wind is up, or the heat too high, it can be very tough. Either way, the view and the achievement is worth it.
a video and review of the climb is at my website -

10 years ago - Last edit: 8 years ago - Inappropriate

Jan (Dutch)

Deze zet ik op mijn agenda voor volgend jaar. Al te veel mooie verhalen gelezen en gehoord. (Ook een heel aantal minder mooie verhalen, wat de aantrekkingskracht eigenlijk alleen maar vergroot.)

10 years ago - Inappropriate

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