What to Know About POC Do Blade Cycling Glasses

by lisabrooke007 on Friday 19 August 2016 11:47

If you’ve been mountain biking for a while, you know just how important eye protection is while going down those trails. Not only do you want to block out harsh sunlight while going over open stretches of the trails, but you also need to keep your eyes shielded from dust, dirt and other debris floating around as you ride. It’s surprising how often you get grit in your eye, even when riding alone. A good pair of biking sunglasses can protect your eyes from excessive wind, while also keeping out the dirt and grime as you ride along. A good quality pair like the POC Do Blade glasses won’t fog or cause you discomfort while riding, and will only help to enhance your riding experience rather than taking away from it. Take a moment to get to know these professional-grade glasses, and you’ll quickly see why they are so desirable among mountain and road bicyclists.

Designed to Work Flawlessly with POC Helmet
If you already own a POC Octal helmet, you’ll have no trouble fitting these cycling goggles onto your head while wearing the helmet as well. They are built to integrate with the helmet seamlessly and won’t get in the way of any of the straps or hooks when you wear them. This means that you can ride comfortably while protecting your eyes and your head all at the same time.

Anti-Fog Protection
There’s nothing worse than trying to ride while wearing glasses or mountain bike goggles that constantly fog up. You’ll quickly begin having trouble seeing where you are going and will likely have to pull over several times just to wipe off your lenses so that you can ride comfortably and without worry. This is a true hassle and isn’t something that you should have to deal with. That’s why the POC Do Blade glasses are a relief to wear. They all come with an anti-fog and anti-moisture coating. Not only will your breath not fog up these lenses, but your sweat won’t cause unpleasant streaking and other vision issues that will make it hard to ride properly. It’s the little things that really make the biggest difference, and lens technology is one of the most important details when it comes to biking glasses.

Multiple Lenses
When you’re looking through the variety of Do Blade cycling glasses available online, you’ll quickly see that there are multiple lenses available for the glasses. Typically, a purchase will leave you with two different lenses to use, one meant for bright riding conditions and another for those low light conditions that tinted lenses simply don’t work well for. This gives you the flexibility to ride comfortably no matter what the light situation is. It means that you can ride with confidence and without worry, no matter what time of day it is, so get out there and enjoy your new look and the functionality that it provides you with. There are four different lenses that you can pick from, and of course you can order more of them if you want greater diversity when you’re riding. You can even keep a spare set of your favorite lens in case something ever happens to one of them so you don’t have to stop riding while waiting for a replacement to ship out to you.

A Steady Fit
Thanks to the extensive use of hydrophilic rubber in the nose piece of the protective biking glasses, they will remain in place as you use them. The rubber remains the same shape the entire time that you use it and it helps secure the glasses firmly in place. You’ll notice that they don’t shift much during use and that your vision remains clear even as you go over bumps and other obstacles that will have standard glasses bouncing on your face. Most of this is due to the rubber used in the nose piece, as well as the careful contour of the glasses to fit them tightly against your head.

Low Weight Design
Unlike cycling goggles, the biking glasses offered by POC are incredibly lightweight and highly ventilated. They’ll help you stay cool and comfortable throughout lengthier rides. Sure, they don’t offer quite as much protection as a high quality pair of goggle would, but they are ideal for hot weather riding, and just the thing for a wide range of riding conditions. You’ll find them more comfortable for trail riding on your own, though you might want the added protection of goggles when you are racing or riding with a group of friends that will send more dirt and dust your way while riding.

Now that you know all the different features of POC DO Blade sunglasses you should take your time and pick out the best ones for you. Reading these tips to choose the right cycling sunglasses should help you find the right option for you, but you’ll have many different styles and varieties to pick from before you have the perfect combination for your needs.

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