Lose Weight Cycling: Everything You Need To Know

by lenaburkutt on Friday 25 November 2016 05:21

Gaining weight is not difficult. It is losing that weight that causes a problem. Besides hitting the gym or running, you can consider cycling as an option for losing weight. Cycling properly can lead to body fat loss.

Most of us retain weight along with our waistlines, butt, and thighs. Cycling is one method that helps you reduce that bulging waistline while shaping up your body as well.

Also, just cycling will not help you just to reduce fat, but doing it correctly will get you into shape faster.

Cycling causes less stress to your knees, calves, ankles, and feet, in contrast to running, hence reducing the chances of muscle or ligament injury.

Also, doing the cardiovascular exercise builds your muscles!

What does cycling correctly means? Let us find out.

Maintain a Balanced Pace
When you cycle, it is your quads that work instead of your stomach.

Therefore, cycle at a slightly intensive pace. This means you should not go beyond 80% of the normal heart rate.

Cycle for approx two hours, thrice a week.

Remember, low-intensity workouts burn more calories!

Interval Training
For burning more calories, you can add in interval training.

After a long ride, do an all-out set for 2 minutes, with a 30-second break in between. Do the sets as per the time available to you. Increase their frequency as your stamina increases!

Interval training helps you burn calories quickly as well as increase your metabolism!

A Holistic Workout
We think sit-ups and crunches remove that belly tyre. These exercises improve the core strength and build muscles but do not reduce the fat!

For the stubborn fat, a more comprehensive approach needs to be taken that burns as well as tones it.

These exercises improve your body posture, reducing the impression of stomach fat.

Also, it increases your riding stamina and gives your stomach a toned look!

The first exercise is the stretched out bicycle workout. Lie flat on the ground, lock hands behind the head, bend your knees, now lift your legs and shoulders, ensuring that they are at 90° from the ground.

Next, extend the left leg and bring the left elbow to the right knee. Alternate and repeat to complete 20 sets with a break of 30 seconds.

Then there are planks. They are good for increasing strength and building core muscles.

Cross training is ideal for cutting out pounds and improving your presentation on the cycle.

Bootcamp sessions, body combat, Zumba, circuits, help build the core strength, give your entire body a workout, and burn calories.

Studies have proved that a combination of strength training and aerobic exercise, like cycling, increases the burning of calories.

Eating Right
Theoretically, you should be burning more calories than consuming them.

Therefore, once you begin exercising, you need to consume carbohydrates that burn slowly like bread, pasta made of whole grains, lean proteins like turkey.

Avoid a saturated fat intensive diet. Sugared treats, butter, and cheese, should be off the menu!
Don’t buy ‘low fat’ labeled food products. They have a high level of sugar content in them, which converts into calories that you are trying to burn!

Eat adequately. Staying hungry lowers performance as the body starts to lose muscle mass instead of fat.

Avoid alcoholic drinks and salty foods because they cause bloating.

Stress and Relaxation
Stress causes weight gain as it affects your sleep patterns and eating habits.

Doing aerobic exercises like cycling regularly, reduces anxiety decreases tension, and improves your mood.

Being outside adds to the general feeling of well being.

Also, once your body gets tired through planned physical exercise, you would be able to sleep properly through the night.

Because the body would need that time to recuperate and repair tired or injured muscles.

Therefore, all you need to do for a fitter and relaxed you is to get a bike and start cycling!

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