5 Beaches Everyone Needs to Visit this Summer

by foxmailhealth on Friday 13 April 2018 07:32

If traveling is the mantra of your life, you should be aware by now of what the world can offer. Yes, it’s exciting to encounter or meet a lot of possibilities, but it can be appalling as well. To some, the yearning to travel rises when summer is about to come.

With plenty of destinations to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which summer vacation is right for you. Need a little help? Listed below are some of the best beaches in the world that every traveler should visit this summer.

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

Palawan, known as the last ecological frontier of the Philippines, showcases rich biodiversity and countless natural wonders, specifically El Nido, located in the Northern part of Palawan. If you plan to visit the Philippines this year, don’t forget to visit El Nido in Palawan.

El Nido is home to around fifty white-sand beaches, which makes it tough for travelers to choose at least one, surrounded by impressive limestone formations and flaunts the finest and silkiest sand you’ll ever see in your life. The water is enchantingly blue, making the great vast in the Caribbean islands seem obscure in comparison.

Plus, if you can catch the sunrise in Bacuit Bay, consider yourself lucky. You’ll see a glorious and grandiose sunrise that’s translucent in the water. Limestones serve as a dramatic backdrop as the sun comes up to the sky. As such, don’t forget to get your camera ready and capture a magnificent sunrise.

Blue Beach (La Chiva), Vieques, Puerto Rico

If you like snorkeling, clear waters, taking long walks on the beach, a heart-stopping scenery, and a feeling of closeness to nature, then you should pay the astonishing beach of La Chiva a visit. Plus, the waters at the Blue Beach (La Chiva) is of perfection.

A thin, long line of sand and clear water make it one of the best beaches in Caribbean Island. However, getting to La Chiva is quite a challenge since the road is still bumpy and unpaved. So

be sure to have a sturdy bag with you so that you’ll never have a hard time getting through the way. You can visit any online stores such as Luggage Online to buy high-quality travel bags.

Take note that La Chiva Beach is perfect for snorkeling. So, if you love to snorkel on your own, be sure to carry tons of sunscreen as possible because you might want to spend the whole day scouting the underwater world. The best snorkeling sites are alongside the rocky areas and around the small cay.

Dreamland Beach, Bali

Bali is popular for its stunning beaches, which attracts and charms many people to come and visit Bali. Dreamland Beach is one of them, located in the southern part of Bali, specifically on Pecuta, Read More.

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