Check your Sleeping Habits and See How it Changes with Temperature

by dimagkimaa on Friday 8 September 2017 10:16

Everyone needs to sleep once in 24 hours. When you over tire your body and deprive it from sleep then your mind loses it functions and reflex actions slow down. If this continues all throughout the week then it makes you more irritated, sleepy, depressed, and less productive.


We promise ourselves to work the entire week and take ample rest during weekends. However, when you wake up on weekends you realize that you have a bad headache that is restraining you from doing any other work. Research says, our mind and body are like a machine, if you don’t give them proper rest they stop functioning.


Sleeping disorder not only comes due to overburden of work during week days but also due to lack of sleeping postures. Some of us are particular about proper sleep, still wake up feeling dull and restless. Neck pain, back pain, headaches, sprain, and irate mood are some of the symptoms that show you didn’t sleep well last night. Sleep issue can also be to poor mattress quality.


Orthopedic recommends good mattresses because that rejuvenates your body. Moreover, it allows having painless night and allows your mind and body to relax. There are certain indications that body gives when they crave for it. You listen to music when you are stressed and want to relax down similarly body needs comfort, when it needs rest.


On you can get reviews on many mattresses as well as other items that help you in sleeping nicely. They also make you aware about insomnia related causes, symptoms and side effects. It is a beneficial site for all those who need to buy a new mattress.


However, it’s not only the mattress that helps in proper sleep. There are other environmental factors, one of it is temperature of body and surrounding -


During night when an individual is dozing, brain drops body temperature. In such situation the surrounding should not be very cold or very hot. In case if the temperature isn’t moderate then the person struggles to stay asleep.

In case you are sharing the room with someone it might get difficult to balance your temperature during nights. You might like cold nights while the other might prefer warmth.

You can always balance your body temperature by wearing socks or taking blankets when you feel cold and for people who feel hot can always keep fans on and windows open.

Study says nights are pollution free therefore we should always keep our windows open to inhale fresh air.

High humidity and heat strokes also affect your sleep. So the best temperature that can give you proper sleep is 60 to 67 degree Fahrenheit.

Reduce those activities before bed that increases body temperature. Like brisk walking or running before bedtime is a bad idea.

Buy pillows, blankets and bed sheets that don’t hold heat, this can make your body feel hot and you might have disturbed sleep at night.


It is always necessary to do some relaxing task, before going to bed like reading a novel for half an hour or listening to soft music. Females, who prefer washing dishes or cleaning house before going to bed, increase their body temperature leading to restless nights. Eating healthy food and avoiding inflammatory diets also help in good sleep.


Teenagers have high energy level during their age, they tend to work maximum during nights to complete their notes or study hard. We as parents, feel proud on seeing our children studying late nights. However, if this continues for long, then at a certain point their metabolism rate decreases faster.


Since childhood we have learnt a phrase “early to bed early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

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