Gear Up for safety: 6 Essential Pieces of Biker Gear You Definitely Should Have

by Bernard.V on Wednesday 29 July 2015 15:35

When buying a bike it can be easy to get distracted by the main event, there are so many difficult decisions to make about the type of bicycle you want, from mountain bike to road bike, hybrid to BMX. But one of the most important things to remember is that for your health, safety, and convenience, there are a lot of other important pieces of gear biking accessories that will are nearly as important as your bike. Here are just 6 of the most important bike accessories you should pick up, just remember to look out for great deals from stores like Tesco!

1. Helmet

Too often you will see people out on their bikes without a helmet on, but luckily it is becoming more and more well known that helmets are the best way of reducing long-term injury that might occur during biking. It is not only important to have a quality helmet, but be sure to get one that fits your head properly, as it will do no good to have a helmet that slips from your head or is falling off.

2. Water bottles and holders or camel back

Going out on a longer bike ride it will eventually happen that you need to re-hydrate, and when you’re on the bike your hands won’t be free to carry your water bottle around. Be sure to pick up some water bottles and water bottle holders that will attach to your frame. If you prefer a hands-free method, try a camel back, which is a bladder of water held in a backpack and fed to you through a straw.

3. Locks

If you’re using your bike to commute to work or to travel around town than odds are you will have to leave it outside at some point. These days, no bike is safe, from the simplest second-hand ride to the finest up-market road bike, so be sure to buy a quality lock, to ensure your bike isn’t stolen.

4. Saddle Bags

For anyone looking to commute or to head on a longer bike tour, saddlebags make a great accessory for carrying your extra gear, everything from clothes to a tent. Most can fit a variety of bikes, but they usually are best suited for touring bikes.

5. Bike rack

Bringing your bike from one place to the next has been made easier and easier over the years by invention of quick-release wheels and seat posts, but to this day the easiest and quickest way to transport your bike is still by throwing it on the bike rack.

6. Clothes and shoes

Cycling gear comes in a variety of forms, but most tight fitting clothes are made so for a reason, as they are the best way to ensure that you stay streamlined and that your clothes don’t get tangled in the moving parts of your bike or hooked onto a passing object. If you’re interested in trying out clip-in shoes and pedals than be sure to consult your local bike shop to see which design best suits your style of riding and your bicycle.

Remember, when getting out on the road your bike is only a part of the many parts that make-up a fun, safe and successful ride.

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brent (English)

Helmets :
You always need a helmet wherever you ride. You can expect to crash in your next 4,500 miles of riding, or maybe much sooner than that!

Even a low-speed fall on a bicycle trail can scramble your brains.

Make sure your helmet fits to get all the protection you are paying for. A good fit means level on your head, touching all around, comfortably snug but not tight. The helmet should not move more than about an inch in any direction, and must not pull off no matter how hard you try.

Rear stabilizers do not substitute for careful strap adjustment.

Pick white or a bright color for visibility.

More info on :

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brandonbailey (English)

Absolutely perfect list of biker gear. The same applies for motorcycling gear as well. Many cyclists and motorcyclists feel that saddle bags are not a necessary accessory but when you go around on a trip, saddle bags are the best storage places. You can store all your riding gear etc. in this single bag. They are also not much expensive. One can get saddle bags at affordable rates online from stores like . Apart from this, helmets, high visibility jackets and proper riding gear are must have.

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