What You Can Really Expect At Your First Yoga Class?

by 200hrsyogattc on Wednesday 1 November 2017 06:02

Summary: Before you set out to take up the practice of yoga, there are a lot of questions that many want to ask. Here is a list of pointers to help you get prepared for what is about to come during your first ever yoga class.

Before we set out to try something new, our mind juggles with a lot of questions. It is natural for a human being to feel ecstasy and nervousness at the same time. A similar situation is faced by the individuals who wish to embark upon a journey of yoga for heightened spirits, eternal enhancement and so much more. Before taking up the practice of yoga, students look for advice, browse through millions of websites as to get some insight about the first yoga class. We human beings always expect things to happen in a certain way. When something does not happen in the desired manner, it leads to disappointment and frustration.

So, are you unsure about the expectations from the first yoga class? We have compiled a list of pointers for you that will help you gain knowledge as what to really expect from your first yoga class. Take a glance at the points:

1 Arriving early to the class: Most yogis reach at least 10-15 minutes early to the class. It does not look good to arrive late and to disturb the class who is focussing on the practice. Moreover, in certain schools, you can witness yoga teachers locking the room before beginning the practice in order to avoid disturbances. Arrive early to the class, roll out your yoga mat, keep your yoga props ready if required. Prepare your mind and body for the class.

2 People wearing comfortable clothing: Wearing flexible and comfortable clothes, instead of those fancy, body-hugging clothes is a trend you can expect to see in a yoga class. The same is advisable to you. Wear clothes that do not restrict your body movements and allow you to gracefully practice the art of yoga.

3 Essentials during the yoga class: As a yoga student, you are expected to bring all the necessary items required for the yoga class. Make sure you carry your yoga mat, towel, water bottle and extra layers of clothing, if required. You can witness your neighbour with different kinds of props which you might not know of. You will get a hang of it. Bring essentials as per the requirement of the class.

4 Use of language: During your yoga classes, you will hear a lot of Sanskrit phrases, yogic language in addition to the english language. At first, you may not understand the Sanskrit phrases or it’s meaning. But, you will gradually learn the name of yoga poses, yoga terminology and Sanskrit phrases.

6 Yoga Etiquettes: When you enroll in the yoga class, you will learn some of the yoga etiquettes. Before the class commence, student who arrive for the yoga practice shall take off their footwear, and place them in a proper place or cubicle. After the practice, they carefully wrap the yoga mat and tidy the place up. Yogis do not converse in between the class much. They usually wait for the session to conclude before indulging in any conversation.

7 Ending the class with Namaste: You can expect the class to end with the word ‘Namaste’, where the instructor bow their  head with folded hands. You will notice the class repeats the same in respect. The word Namaste means ‘I bow to you!’ 
Be fully prepared for your first endeavour and, enjoy a fruitful yoga session.

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