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Cycling in Belgium

Belgium is the cycling country par excellence. Besides the traditional cycling, that is considered by many Belgians as the national sport No. 1, mountain biking has been booming in recent decades.

Belgium has a lot to offer for every type of cyclist.

Are you a fan of driving distances across endless flat courses, and are you not afraid of wind and rough weather? Then exploring the Meetjesland (in the north-west of Flanders) and especially the coast by bike something for you.

Or is the Flandrien feeling coming up when you conquer the slopes of the Flemish Ardennes, occasionally bracing yourself for an angry climb and meanwhile enjoy the many beautiful sights?

There's also the natural beauty of Limburg, the province of Liège, the county of Haspengouw that can perfectly be explored with the bike.

In the Antwerp Campine region (the Kempen) you can cruise endlessly through a varied landscape of heath and woodland.

The Ardennes provide ample opportunities to alternate between now once gentle, and then steeper slopes, while you're exploring deep forests, on or off road, it does not matter.

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