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How to write an article in cyclopedia

1. Where to put an article ?

We provide categories and subcategories under which your article (which in itself constitutes a new subcategory) can be placed. You can find this place for your article :

1. Click on the appropriate category and go through the subcategories until you reach the concerning subcategory :

eg: Events - Races - Road - Tour de France - Tour de France 2012

2. Click on  'add content' (in order to complete an existing article) or ' add a subcategory '

Articles are written in the backend of the website. for security reasons you will have to relogin .

2. Write your article

Enter a title and click edit. Write your article.


3. Source and location

As we also indicate below, it is required to mention your source correctly if you want to share third-party information. You can mention your source both in the text itself and in the field provided for this purpose.

For some articles it may be useful to mention a location : if you do this, the weather near the place mentioned in the article will appear next to the article . (This is very interesting for regions or events, but not for articles on sports nutrition for example ...)

4. Saving the article

Do not forget to save the article, otherwise your changes will be lost.


5. Add pictures and videos

A. While using the media module

The easiest way to add pictures is by using the "edit album" module. This is accessible once your article is saved. You can do this on the website by clicking on add a photo in the article. Or in the backend by clicking on 'edit album' at the bottom of the article page.

The first picture in the row will feature on the homepage next to the title of the article.

Videos can be posted in an article by providing the correct Youtube ® or Vimeo ® link in the media module.

B. Via text editor and image manager

If you have experience with text editors for pictures and videos, you can proceed as follows.
For pictures you can use the image manager (max 150 kb / picture)

Save the pictures on the correct place so that you or others can easily find them later.

Once your picture is installed in the image manager, you can insert it into an article.



Anyone can write, complete ore change articles in the Cyclopedia, if they repect he rights of others.

Articles can not litterally be reproduced without previous approval of the writer.
Always mention your sources referring to where your information comes from.

Photographs may not be added without previous approval of the author.

Give accurate, objective information in order to inform others .

If you have any comments on certain articles concerning the content or you want to report violations of intellectual property rights, please let us know.
Our admins will check this information as soon as possible and intervent if necessary.

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