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Cycling is an ideal sport for anybody who wants to get and keep in good shape. By cycling regularly, you will quickly achieve a basic fitness level. In addition, it does not suddenly greatly burden any particular parts of the body, which greatly limits the risk of injury.

There are those who only cycle for recreation and for whom it is perfectly sufficient to have an active pastime. They merely enjoy their hobby when it suits them.

Training_team_garminOther cyclists want to achieve specific goals, whether it be a certain climb or preparing for a cycling journey, for example.

There are specific training programmes for every goal and every cycling discipline. They can all be adjusted according to personal variables, such as weight, age, possible physical limitations, time available for training, etc.



It is very useful to bear a number of basic principles in mind when fashioning tailor-made training programmes. These include calculating your BMI, determining your body fat percentage, etc.

Training sessions mostly combine different elements, such as endurance, anaerobic and speed training.
Following a training programme will ensure that you reach your goal feasibly and without injuries.

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