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Tour of Flanders 2015

Bruges remains the start setting of this 99th edition of ‘Vlaanderens Mooiste’ (Flanders most Beautiful One) which takes place on Sunday, April 5th. After a passage through the city center of Kortrijk and Zwevegem, this year the Villaged of ‘The Ronde’, the cyclists are heading towards the Flemish Ardennes. After 100 km, the cyclists will be reaching Oudenaarde for the first time.

The modifications during the last 150 km of the route, which were introduced for the first time in 2014 appeared to be a big success, and will be maintained in this edition : the long flat pieces during the last 100km will remain skipped, and during the last 150 km there will be a maximum distance of 12 km between the different cobblestone parts and climbs. Hence, it will become more difficult to control the race.

19 climbs, three times the Old Kwaremont, two times the Paterberg.

2 climbs are added to the route :  the Tiegemberg, after 87km, which will also become the first climb in this edition. The Berendries, the 8th climb, is back on the menu, after 2 years of absence and will be climbed between the Leberg and the Valkenberg.

The final includes the same 6 cobblestone climbs as last year.

The final starts with the Koppenberg, from there on, it is still 45km towards the finish. After the Koppenberg you have the Steenbeekdries (at 39km), Taaienberg (at 37 km), Kruisberg (at 28 km), Oude Kwaremont (at 17 km) and Paterberg (at 13 km). Suspense will be guaranteed, since each of these climbs could be decisive for the final result.

Duo Old KwaremontPaterberg: the heart of the Ronde.

The triple climb of the Old Kwaremont and the two passages over the Paterberg will remain the most spectacular part in ‘the Ronde’. In this way, the audience will be able to enjoy the maximum of the spectacle, without massive moves. 

The Old Kwaremont is, after 112 km, the second climb of the day, after 210 km the 12th and after 243 km the penultimate one. The Paterberg will be climbed twice. It's the 11th climb after 208 km and the 17tha and last one at 13 km of the finish, in Oudenaarde.

Discover here the entire route.

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Location: Oudenaarde, Belgium (Explore routes near Oudenaarde, Belgium.)

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