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In sport, the benefits of synthetic sportswear have been proven for years. Natural materials such as cotton, often consist of hollow fibers, and maintain sweat easily. Thus you can quickly get the feeling of a wet and sweaty body. This feeling is not exactly pleasant while working out intensively.

Hence the success of synthetic sportswear.
We give you a summary of different synthetic fibers which are often used for cycling gear and give a brief explanation of their specific properties:

Coolmax Lycra:

This material keeps the body dry and cool, and is recommended when you exercise in hot weather.


This material is keeps out the rain and is waterproof, but breathes at the same time. This allows respiration to get out.



Is a very light synthetic fibre. Another advantage of this material is that the clothing keeps its original cut, even after repeated washing.



Lycra Power:
Offers the traditional benefits of Lycra and also has the additional advantage of being a very flexible material that strongly compresses the muscles, making them less likely to get tired.


Super Roubaix:
This material is ideal for winter clothing because it is highly isolating. It is also extremely resistant to wear and feels pleasantly soft.


This material is breathable, dries quickly, and is strong and gentle at the same time. Besides, it is very light and is extremely resistant to wear. It is therefore ideal for cold and wet weather.



This material stops the (cold) wind and is very light and breathable. Ideal for cold, windy weather.


Dryarn :

Is an innovative polypropylene micro-fibre. The high surface tension draws water, moisture and transpiration away from the tissue. It also has high isolating capacities. It's not cheap but very comfortable to wear.

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