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A bicycle consists of many different components.

The frame, in different types of material, such as aluminium, carbon, flax carbon, titanium and magnesium.

The wheels, which come in different sizes, with the hub, spokes, rim and tyre.

There are different types of braking systems that can be sub-divided into rim and hub brakes. The first category consists of the side- and centre-pull calliper brakes, cantilever brakes, V-brakes and the hydraulic brakes. The rim brakes include the drum brakes, disc brakes, roller brakes and back-pedal brake.

The drive consists of various types of pedals, cracks, chain, chain blades and pedal shaft.

The movement of the bicycle is determined by the front and back derailleur.

A number of manufacturers sell groups of loose components.  Shimano and Campagnolo dominate the market for a long time. The American Sram has been the leader on the market for quite a few years now.

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